...for our institutional clients. These items range from custom tailored ex libris plates to extensive rare book catalogs to special fiction and non-fiction novels.

Book Design and Production

Iter Veneticum

Produced for the Grolier Club in 2002 as an illustrated record of the club’s 1998 bibliophile tour of Venice and Ravenna. Half-cloth over marbled boards. 7 x 11 inches. 121 pages. Limited to 350 copies.

A History of
the Marine Society at Salem

Designed by Scott Vile and produced for the Society in 2001. Set in Adobe Caslon, printed offset and bound by Acme Bookbinding, Charlestown, Massachusetts. Edition of 350 copies,.

El Mirage Impressions
by Michael de Lesseps

Produced in 2001 for the author/photographer, designed by Nathan Sanborn and Scott Vile. Published by Iconographix. 140 pages, 11 x 8.25 inches, softbound.

A Notable Lawsuit
by Frederic Law Olmsted

Printed letterpress in Linotype Caslon, with fine screen offset reproductions of the plates, on handmade paper by MacGregor and Vinzani of Whiting, Maine with sewn signatures and a soft cover. Limited to 100 copies printed for the architectural landscape firm of Mohr & Seredin.

From the prospectus:

“We first became aware of the story of a lawsuit between Fredrick Law Olmsted and John Jacob Astor during our college years studying landscape architecture. The story came to us in the form of a typescript without images, cited source, or explanation. It had a ring of authenticity, but we never gave it much thought beyond understanding it as one part of the legacy of Frederick Law Olmsted.”

Book Catalogues

Featured in this collage are catalogues we have designed and printed for Marvin Sadik Fine Antiques, Bruce McKittrick Rare Books, bookseller Ben Kinmont, and the Grolier Club.

In addition, we produce:

The American Oxonian, the quarterly of the American Association     of Rhodes Scholars
The Annual Report of the Boston Athenĉum
The Annual Report of the Grolier Club
Athenaeum Items, the quarterly for the Boston Athenĉum
The Report of the Humane Society of the Commonwealth of     Massachusetts
The List of Members of the Somerset Club
The Associates of the John Carter Brown Library
Maine History, the quarterly for the Center for Maine History

Work In Progress:

Iter Brittanicum

Designed and printed for the Grolier Club, this is a book that describes in text and photographs a bibliographic trip by 38 members of the Club to Great Britain. A limited edition of 100 copies, the book will be printed offset in two colors throughout and hard bound in cloth by Acme Bookbinding.